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Wine Tastings & Bacchus Beyond

Informal Tastings:
Places are available for Informal Tastings between 5pm and 7pm, Wednesday to Saturday, subject to availability.

Informal Tastings provide the opportunity for the taster to sample up to 10 wines from the tasting menu of wines available on that day. The Informal Tasting Menu will evolve on a continuous basis, with new wines added every week or so with the menu often reflecting the subjects of recent Themed Tastings (see below). There is no set time limit for an informal tasting, but they typically take an hour to an hour and a half. The cost of an Informal Tasting is £12 per person.

Informal Tastings are a popular option for Bacchus Beyond customers to sample a few wines in advance of a meal booking at one of Halesworth’s excellent restaurants.

Themed Tastings:
Themed Tastings are typically held twice a month on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Places are always available from 5pm to 7pm for the three tasting days with later tasting slots (7pm to 8:30pm) also available on any two of the three evenings, subject to availability. Themed Tastings are also held between 2pm and 5pm on Sunday afternoons.

Themed Tastings provide the opportunity to taste 6, 8 or 10 wines that have been selected to showcase a number of wines reflecting the theme of the tasting. The theme can be a specific place, for example a country or wine region, a type or style of wine or a grape variety. The cost of a specific Themed Tasting is set to reflect the cost of the selected wines and is typically £15 to £20 per person. Information on forthcoming Themed tastings can be found here. Some examples of recent or scheduled Themed Tastings include:
•  In the Pink:
•  Meet Malbec:
•  Italy – Boot & Islands:
•  Classic French Whites:

The next Themed tastings are as follows:

26th May: Let’s Get Fizzical will showcase our range of sparkling wines from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina and South Africa alongside two fabulous fizzes from Norfolk and Suffolk. The perfect way to celebrate the late May Bank Holiday weekend!

30th & 31st May & 1st June: Spring Zing will showcase 8 fresh, clean white wines with bright, fruity aromas and a crisp zip in the mouth so ideal both as an aperitif or as a perfect partner to dishes such as our brilliant local seafood.

13th, 14th & 15th June: Buongiorno Sangiovese will showcase the brilliance and versatility of Tuscany’s great grape variety from budget wines perfect with a takeaway pizza to sumptuous Tuscan Titans, the ideal accompaniment to a celebratory meal.

Bespoke Tastings:
Bespoke Tastings can be arranged for groups of up to 8 people in the shop or for larger groups if the event is held at an appropriate external venue. The subject of the tasting is entirely flexible with the cost simply dependent on the price of the wines selected for the tasting. Tastings held in the shop will typically be charged at the rate of £15-20 per person while bespoke tastings held at external venues (for example a local village hall or at someone’s home) are charged at the cost of the wine plus a tasting fee of £25 plus VAT. Please contact Peter on 07957 990020 or via for further details

Please note that any wine tasting event that involves sales of tickets to the public requires an alcohol licence. This can be managed either through the premises licence of the venue concerned or a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). Bacchus Beyond can act as Designated Premises Supervisor and TEN applicant for wine tastings that we co-host at unlicenced venues, for example for fund raising events, where required. Please contact Peter as above for further details.


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